Richmond Events’ Business Panel Report – The Brand

The latest Richmond Events’ business panel report on the brand is now available. Please read on for headline findings and to request the full report.

The latest Richmond Events’ business panel report on the brand is now available.

Headline findings include:-

  • Marketing is the department primarily responsible for developing the brand within 66% of organisations, with a further 24% leaving charge to the MD/CEO.
  • In terms of influence over the brand, marketing leads the way with 48%, followed by sales 27% and the MD/CEO 18%. 17% of the panel feel all departments have equal influence over an organisation’s brand.
  • 90% of the panel feel brand reputation is very important to their organisation, however only 68% say they measure it.
  • Of those that do the most popular measurement tools are customer focus groups 46%, competitor analysis 42% and social media tracking / analysis 39%.
  • The panel feels 47% of their department have high engagement levels with the brand, compared to only 32% of the wider organisation and the same figure (32%) for their customers.
  • 72% of the panel feel there is a slight mismatch between what their customers and what their employees think of their brand. However 70% feel their own perception of their brand is similar to their customers’ perception.
  • In terms of the importance of their organisation’s brand reputation to the panel personally, 26% say it’s essential - they’ll only work for an organisation with a strong brand, whereas 57% say it’s very important – a key factor as to where they work

For a copy of the full report please contact David Clark.

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