Richmond Events’ Business Panel Report – Internal Communications

The latest Richmond Events' business panel report on internal communications is now available. Read on for headline findings and to view the full report.

The latest Richmond Events’ business panel report on internal communications is now available.

Headline findings include:-

  • 1 in 10 of the panel describes their organisation’s internal communications as excellent, and just over 1 in 3 as good.
  • There are 3 primary IC purposes – to build support for the organisation’s vision, closely followed by staff motivation / employee engagement and to communicate senior management decisions and viewpoints.
  • Almost two thirds of the panel feel internal communications is essential for keeping their whole organisation up to speed with what’s going on. This is followed by 45% who believe it’s a key motivator in terms of employee engagement.
  • The most popular channels for organisations to communicate with its employees are through email and via the intranet. These are followed by the more traditional method of in person; predominately through line managers.
  • In terms of which is the primary channel; 47% say email and 32% the Intranet.
  • The majority of the panel are mainly satisfied with the ease in which they can locate information; 24% saying it’s easy and a further 51% saying not too bad.
  • Almost two thirds of the panel agree with the statement ‘social media may have its merits but it can waste a lot of office time too'.
  • On the whole the satisfaction levels for organisations’ internal communications are high. 8% of the panel feel they’re very good, they always get it spot on, whereas a further 68% feel it’s quite good, mostly relevant and interesting, though not always getting it right.

You can view the full report here.

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