Richmond Events' Business Panel Report - the BBC

The latest Richmond Events' business panel report on the BBC is now available. Headline findings include:-
  • The overwhelming majority of the panel whole heartedly feel the UK still needs a public service broadcaster.
  • By far the highest proportion, over ½ of the panel, are also happy with the current compulsory licence fee.
  • Asked whether the recent happenings had eroded some of the public’s trust of the BBC the panel mainly agreed; 41% saying yes and 31% feeling partially.
  • In terms of the panel’s attitudes towards the recent happenings at the BBC, 67% opted for disappointed 6% shocked and 4% angry. However 18% say it hasn’t affected their opinion which is still positive.
  • Just over ½ of the panel support the renewal of the BBC charter. However, whilst a further ¼ also support its renewal it is dependant on the BBC rebuilding the public’s trust over the next few years.
  • Of all the aspects that the BBC offers, the panel rate radio and international news the highest.
  • The majority of the panel get their regular intake of news from the internet than the TV.
For a full copy of this free report, please contact David Clark.

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